Selective Perfumery: integrated management of your products at the point of sale

Shop-in-shop management, layout changes, assisted service: we have been enhancing your brand in perfumeries for over 25 years.

In 1995, when we were born, the very first activity we managed was the logistics of POP materials in the cosmetics sector. Today, we are involved in more than 4. 500 perfumeries, and there is no activity in the supply chain that we don't preside over: from creativity to outfitting, through production to sustainable disposal.

Cosmetic's areas
Team Prestige
The dedicated Team for selective perfumery.

Fragrances, skincare, makeup, hairsalon: whatever your project, our Prestige division can handle every task, from updating layouts to the strategic positioning of your display materials (frames, visuals, light rulers, tester racks, podiums, etc.) to the complete maintenance of your furniture.

Every resource on our team is certified to work smoothly on the electrical systems of your facilities to ensure safe and professional interventions, as well as being constantly trained on the visual management of layouts and furniture to be updated.

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The activities we carry out in perfumeries.
  • Database management with intervention history and materials present in store
  • Realization rounds of updating descents fragrances, skins and make up structures, with implemetazione materials
  • Storage, transport and installation of all types of display structures
  • Management of window campaigns
  • Inspections to verify correct brand position
  • Light material production (frames, visuals, light and no light rulers, tester holders, podiums, etc.) with certification
  • Tenical inspections for verification of damaged structures
  • Structural and electrical maintenance (both on perfumery and in the warehouse)
  • Management of treatment booths
  • Management of perfumery openings with multiple brands
  • Visual replacement
  • Photographic surveys on perfumeries
  • Storage of retired structures
  • Disposals with second life certification of materials
Wasabi. Your open window on perfumery

Wasabi, our Sales Force Automation app, can provide you with all the information regarding your products at the store in real time:

  • tour planning
  • before/after photo gallery & PowerPoint presentations
  • quali-quantitative analysis of your assortment
  • assortment management and product clustering
  • display space management
  • integrated logistics management of marketing materials
  • power BI (data analysis & reporting)
  • out of stock and anomaly notifications in real time
  • competitor analysis
  • post-project data extraction

profiled stores in our database


surveys filled out daily by the sales force

3 millions

f images collected on store and analyzed each year

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