To sell it's not enough to be there, you need the right people. For your outsourcing sales force, we have the best.

Sell in or Sell out?
We help you in any case.

We handle your project on any channel, through Dedicated Teams or Multiclient Teams, strengthened by an efficient, widespread and cost-effective coverage model.

Sales Felice

We can do one thing that makes us unique: listen. Each of our projects starts with an analysis of your needs, your goals, and the KPIs you want to achieve. But there is more. Through competitor analysis we are able to suggest the best strategies to increase your sell out.

Our experience in the field has allowed us to create and refine multiple solutions, modulable with each other, capable of giving life to "Go to Market" projects tailored to you and for this reason even more effective.

With our outsourcing sales force we arrive everywhere, to guarantee you a unique and personalized coverage, implementing not only flash actions aimed at increasing the visibility of your products but also supporting you in the creation of an engaging customer journey, both physical and digital.


Any channel. Any service.

Frequently when talking about services we use the term 360°, but how often is this really true? How many times have you found yourself having to manage multiple vendors in parallel? Dedicated & Shared Teams, Promotional Logistics, Retail Store Coverage: all with one contact person, with us. You don't need anyone else.

The power of our numbers.
Supporting your Go to Market Strategy.

Because they talk about 30 years of our history, solidity and willingness to let you sleep tight.

Active resources on the entire national territory.
Annual point of sales all over Italy.
SQM of warehouses dedicated to marketing materials.
Retail execution. Perfect execution.
Entrust your strategy to capable hands and minds.

To sell it's not enough to be there, you need the right people. That's why we choose the best for your Teams: motivated, highly trained and with excellent interpersonal skills.


Once the plan has been established, it's time to put your strategy into action. To do this, we count on highly qualified and dedicated professionals who can turn ideas into concrete and effective actions.

People who know how to interact and observe, who are attentive to monitor the evolving situation and convey to shoppers the value of your brand through a unique and engaging shopping experience.

Our teams' goal is to put your products at the center, developing strategies aimed at making the most of them to ensure you get the most visibility and maximum results.

Brand ambassador

They convey the value of your brand by speaking your language. They train store employees on your products, generating brand awareness and creating strong relationships oriented toward sell-in growth.

Sales merchandiser

They measure the depth of your assortment, gain shelf space, reduce out of stock. How? By focusing on sell out and cultivating a trusting relationship with the store.


You can't afford not to have your product on the shelf. Let our refillers take care of it: silent, careful, digital. Able to provide you with real-time information on the status of your stock at the store.


They know your products, strategy and values. They prepare the sales force directly in the field, with ongoing, targeted shadowing. Their goal? To train professionals who represent the best expression of your Brand.

Store Consultant

Our in-store teams bring your product closer to the consumer by guiding them to purchase, with empathy and expertise. Consumer electronics, GDS, pharma, beauty, tobacco: the same focus on all channels.

Team Prestige. Dove tutto è cominciato.
Da 30 anni l’eccellenza nella profumeria selettiva.

Grazie alla nostra esperienza decennale, siamo oggi sinonimo di eccellenza nel canale della profumeria selettiva, con una squadra dedicata e altamente specializzata. Fragranze, skincare, makeup, hairsalon: per qualunque prodotto, i nostri esperti si occuperanno di ogni dettaglio, dall’aggiornamento dei layout al posizionamento strategico dei tuoi materiali espositivi, dal design delle campagne di vetrine all'implementazione di soluzioni digital signage all'avanguardia, senza dimenticare il posizionamento dei materiali leggeri (cornici, visual, reglette luminose, porta tester, podi, ecc.) e la manutenzione completa degli arredi.

Ogni risorsa della nostra formidabile squadra è certificata per intervenire senza problemi sugli impianti elettrici delle strutture, per garantirti degli interventi sicuri e professionali, oltre a essere continuamente formata sulla gestione dei layout e dei mobili da trattare.

Inoltre, ci preoccupiamo dell'ambiente, con un'attenzione particolare al ricondizionamento, allo smaltimento responsabile dei mobili e all'uso sostenibile dei materiali.

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DPV Academy: our idea of training.
Where we make your Teams grow.

Training, Observation, Practice, Certification. When we talk about training, here is the method we adopt to create excellence in our teams. And for it to be truly effective, the skills must be the result of an ongoing, measurable and certified process. We are so convinced of this that we developed our E-Learning platform.

Do you want to strength your Retail presence?

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