Size, flexibility and expertise: that's why we handle marketing materials better than anyone else.


Size matters.
To make you win at the retail store.

With more than 25.000 references handled, 2.5 MLN packages moved and 590.000 shipments per year, we are the leader in Marketing Materials in Italy.

DPV - Marketing Materials

Our 2010 partnership with the Staci Group, the European leader in marketing logistics, now enables us to offer you flexible management of all your dedicated store materials:

  • Receiving and storage, both centralized and peripheral
  • Preparation and setup of orders according to agreed logics
  • BtoB and BtoC deliveries with material staging/positioning services
  • Materials pickup with possible reconditioning
  • Equipment and materials management for Canvass and Loyalty Programs
  • Distribution of catalogs and gadgets to travel agencies on behalf of tour operators
  • Sustainable Disposal
  • You entrust us with the products and we take care of the rest. Even Plan B.

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SQM of warehouses dedicated to the handling of your POP materials.
Different references managed every year.
Shipments made every year all over Italy.
Setup. From start to finish.
From creativity to disposal.

The perfect support for your retail spaces, also environmentally friendly.
Creativity, project management, production, setting up and disposal.



From the creativity to the setup at the store: whether it's a window display, a display stand or a promotional island, we take care of everything.

You can rely on our expertise to give your products the visibility they deserve at the store. We also measure the environmental impact of our displays, with the goal of reducing the carbon footprint and increasing the recyclability of your displays.

We also take care of receiving and stocking, both centrally and peripherally throughout Italy, with fast and guaranteed assembly times. At the end of the project, we manage your materials by disposing of them sustainably or storing them back inside our warehouses so they are ready at any time for your next campaign.

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Dedicated teams, made by professional set-up builders.
Retail fittings per month all over Italy.
4 + 260
Owned warehouses and supporting Transit Point.
Straight to the store.
We manage your products directly in-store.

Product distribution is often a complex and delocalized process, which creates inefficiencies and negative control losses for sell out. In fact, 30 percent of products sold to retail CEDIs never reach the stores.

With the End-to-End model, we guarantee the complete assortment of your products at the points of sale, reduced time to market, increased sell out and zero out of stock. A solution without fixed costs, but proportional to the number of pieces sold.

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1. Order taking
At the store, through a mobile device, the merchandiser tracks the correct presence of the product and assortments.
2. Preparation and stocking
The merchandiser transmits the order directly to the warehouse for automated preparation and shipment to the store.
3. Shipping and delivery
Orders are shipped on a daily basis in order to ensure timely delivery of goods.
4. Refilling and positioning
The merchandiser refills the display, takes care of its cleaning and performs reordering, ensuring the best placement of products.
E-commerce B2C
Your orders in the right place, at the right time.

Our deep experience and the competitiveness of our costs make us the ideal partner to make your
e-commerce supply chain grow.

DPV Logistics Services

Through the experience of Staci, we are able to quickly and easily give support to the e-commerce strategy of our clients, both for B2C and D2C. We offer specific digital solutions, logistical and to elaborate personal orders:

  • Creations of online shops
  • Management of payments
  • Management of promotions
  • Multi-price management (retail fixed or discounted)
  • Integrated Customer Contact
  • Stock replenishment management with processing of supplier invoices
  • Reception and quality control of each product
  • Product/shipment tracking
  • Management of stocks customized according to the specificities of the products (value, danger, components, volumes, weight, seasonality)
  • Dynamic picking, permanent picking, voice picking, light picking
  • Customization of orders with dedicated packaging, custom product delivery notes, gift boxes
Looking for a partner for your marketing materials?

Rely on our logistics: flexible, integrated, always on time. We take care of everything, from creativity to setup, ensuring the best support for your retail projects