Quality policy

Customer satisfaction is the principle with which we started to operate and from which we do not want to depart.

The Quality of service, as we understand it, is formed by the understanding and the punctual evasion of the requirements of the Customer. The Customer’s requests, such as competence, precise answers, safety, speed and convenience, must not only be met, but also insured in relation to the service offered by us.

This is why the Directorate General has decided for years to adopt a certified Quality Management System as a fundamental tool to ensure the future growth of our activities and to maintain and improve our competitiveness. The following purposes are our guide to the full satisfaction of the Customer and all those who work in the company:

  • Constant improvement of the quality of the services provided
  • Recurrent verification of working methods and operating procedures
  • Clear and assiduous dialogue with all suppliers
  • Increasing the professionalism of each employee
  • Systematic analysis of the results to correct any anomalies
  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System itself

Cetificato UNI EN ISO 9001

The General Management undertakes to ensure that this choice is understood and shared by all collaborators and to work actively to overcome the possible problems arising from its application. The General Management also ensures that the corporate objectives, defined during the Management Review, are formalized through the identification, for the relevant levels and functions of the organization, the respective purposes and timing of implementation.

The selected resolutions are communicated to the company staff and the analysis of their implementation status is formalized in the Reviews. The objectives and the Quality Policy are checked annually to ascertain the continuing suitability. Finally, a professional figure has been identified in the company with the task of Head of the Quality Management System who will actively collaborate with the entire organization to achieve the goals set.