Who We Are

Solid, safe, transparent.
That’s how we like to be.


We step in at the moment of contact between the brand's products and their consumers.

We ensure the correct execution of the Go To Market Strategy, maximizing the shopping experience through the integration of the sales channels, physical and digital.

We adopt a data centric approach, orienting our clients towards the best strategic decisions for their business.

Our commitment to the environment
For a sustainable future.

The truth is that we are all part of the change.

Concrete actions to leave a tangible mark of our vision. 

Angelo Pirrello

Engineer, 65 years old, three children and an enormous passion for cycling.

Is a good dose of entrepreneurial spirit and strategic vision enough to become a market leader? No, not unless matched by a healthy obsession with innovation and the continuous search for courageous employees with no fear of stepping out of their comfort zone.

General manager
Domenico Lovallo

To support the Brand in maximizing its Go-To-Market Strategy, a few key elements are essential: vision and excellence in "execution." For that, we focus everything on the human factor: passion, commitment and sense of responsibility.

Innovation HUB Manager | CEO Bitorchestra
Luca Pirrello

In our market today, being an innovative company means having a data centric approach: we must enable those who have to make strategic decisions to be able to do so in the shortest possible time. Technology research and adoption of careful ESG policies are our focus for future development.

Chief Financial Officer
Nicola Augello

The field marketing has a fundamental need: the implementation of contractual protections that can offer appropriate guarantees first and foremost to the employees that the company places at the service of its customers. From this realization comes a commitment to the ANASFiM trade association.

Commercial Director
Valerio Tosatto

Getting together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.

Henry Ford's quote perfectly sums up the relationship we try to create with our Clients: sharing, trust and team spirit are the elements behind every good result.

Chief Operating Officer
Edoardo Morina

Meritocracy and development of talent potential: this is what to focus on today for healthy growth of a successful company.

What makes DPV unique? Being able to design pioneering solutions that enable Brands to innovatively approach the market.

Joined together in support of the Brand.
This is how we best approach the new omnichannel challenges.

The brands' needs have changed dramatically, starting with the touch points they use to dialogue with shoppers: physical and digital are now merged into a single environment. In this complex ecosystem, where channels and media become one, the DPV Group is able to support the brand in the new omnichannel challenges.

The numbers telling about us.
They speak of people, of values, of ethics. Us.

A successful company can be measured by turnover, the number of locations, the amount of services offered, but there are other human factors that matter just as much, indeed, probably even more.

years of experience in trade marketing and POP materials management
of the brilliant minds working in DPV are women
the average age of our talented employees.
hours of training provided each year to each resource
years of average turnover in the company
resources in the Group's five headquarters
Our commitment to the environment
For a sustainable future.

The truth is that we are all part of the change.

Concrete actions to leave a tangible mark of our vision. 

The must-have assets.
Our guarantees to assure you only certainty.

You can always count on us.
Transparent and accountable, to offer you necessary protections, guarantees and certifications.

Risk management

Facciamo affidamento su un Modello Organizzativo solido e un Codice Etico affidabile (ex D. LGS. 231/01).

Sicurezza sul lavoro

Operiamo nel pieno rispetto del D. Lgs 81/08. Ogni risorsa, di sede o operante sul territorio, è dotata delle certificazioni previste.

Cyber Security & GDPR compliant

Tuteliamo le nostre risorse con i migliori standard di sicurezza anche nei casi di emergenza sanitaria.

ISO 9001

La certificazione ISO 9001 ci ha consentito di offrire maggiore flessibilità e dinamicità, salvaguardando nel tempo i livelli qualitativi.

Contratti subordinanti

Il nostro trattamento normativo ed economico dei dipendenti operanti sul territorio è definito con accordo A.N.A.S.FI.M.

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