Organizational Model
Code of Ethics DPV S.p.a.

DPV Spa has always invested its financial, human and logistic resources in order to affirm as a priority value the establishment of a Synergy and Partnership relationship with its Customers, capable of guaranteeing flexible and dynamic, immediate and rigorous solutions.

Every activity DPV Spa carries out based on its Mission have to be performed following these general principles:

  1. Observance of the Law;
  2. Professional correctness;
  3. Honesty;
  4. Consistency and verifiability.

The board of directors' choice to adopt an organizational and handling model, inserts itself is part of the company’s broader corporate policy that is expressed in interventions and initiatives aimed at raising awareness of all staff belonging to DPV S.p.a. (from management to all employees), both all external collaborators and business partners to the transparent and correct management of the company, to compliance with current legal rules and fundamental principles of business ethics in the pursuit of the corporate object. 

Similarly, the Code of Ethics adopted by DPV Spa expresses the commitments and responsibilities of the company in the conduct of all business activities that must be assumed by all corporate stakeholders as Guidelines to be followed in the performance of the functions corporate.


Approved by the Board of Directors on 17/07/2020