End-to-end model

Our solution to get control back over your sell-out and reduce the time to market.
end-to-end model

The distribution of products in the mass market is a tricky process, where different actors intervene in the sell-in and sell-out phases:

  • The brand which creates products and distribution strategies;
  • The signs with which the listing is negotiated
  • The distribution center (CE.DI) which takes care of the logistic;
  • The store which deals with visibility and sorting, directly or through external agencies.

The process turns out to be outsourced or distributed and is prone to inefficiencies and loss of control which can heavily influence the sell-out. The 30% of the products sold to the distribution center (CE.DI) of the mass market never reach the store.

Switch to the end-to-end model: we follow your product inside the stores from beginning to end.

An efficient solution to regain control is to handle the product directly in the store without going through the distribution center (CE.DI). What you need is a partner that manages the sell-in and sell-out in an integrated manner, in order to guarantee greater efficiency. The end-to-end model answers to all of these requirements enhancing the costs for the brand which are not fixed but proportional to the sellout.

Modello end to end

We allow the reduction of the time to market, the growth of the sellout and the elimination of the out-of-stock. Without fixed costs.

The end-to-end model does not have fixed costs because it is proportional to the number of pieces sold, moreover it helps you reach all your objectives

Complete absence

of out of stock



of the wider number of stores



of the promotional pressure

Proper enhancement

of the layout


of the selection in the stores


The Brand focuses exclusively on products and sets, while we think about their distribution.

Other advantages:

  • Integrated coordination of shipping/loading/orders
  • Every visit in the store is shared between brands
  • Exposed Layout is kept periodically
  • Frequent and specific orders

Complete absence of a minimum order, minor and proportional costs to the sellout.

Suitable categories for the end-to-end model.

Medium or high layout and shelf complexity: requires specific competences and maintenance.

Minor stock for a bigger number of references: the distribution center (CE.DI) is not cheap.

Service categories for the stores: the store is poorly stimulated at the reorder and is not measured on stock-outs.

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