Our 4Ds for Pharma

Distribution, Display, Detailing, Digital.
4D for Pharma

In the complex Italian pharmaceutical scenario, we can support the brand in its go-to-market strategy offering strategic and tactical services: 

Detailing. Endorsement activities to sales

We support single and multi-agent key accounts in the product training for the pharmacy's employees with the objective of increasing the brand identity and awareness. 

Display. The most effective visual strategy for your brand

We do not only decorate the windows of pharmacies, but also deploy second displays inside the retail store, positioning your POP materials and strategically handling your shelf space.  

Distribution. The best place for you products

Through a targeted profiling of pharmacies, we oversee retail stores through an accurate check of the assortment and the order entry of the missing references. 

Digital. We connect your products with the retail stores' social channels

Thanks to the RedHab platform you can create and manage your communication plans, in order to make your digital strategy for the visibility of your products more efficient. Physical and digital in one solution. 

Increased exhibition space
Out of stock reduction
Shelf enhancement
Eventual presence of second display
Our current coverage

Pharmacies where we perform data collection


Category Management Accommodations


Window refacing


In-store setups


Number of trained sales personnel (product training)

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