Digital Merchandiser

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We have the solution: DPV Digital Merchandiser

An integrated, in-store and digital service that allows you to check the presence of your products immediately, giving you the strategic informations you need to make the best decisions. A solution that is easy to use and can give you a clear view of what is happening to your products at the store, minimizing Out Of Stock and informing you promptly about the status of your top references.

The goal of our Digital Merchandisers? To increase the visibility of your products and return you the data that matters. And not only that. They also deal with:

- Assortment verification and completion;
- Shelf space management, makeover and display enhancement;
- POP material placement.

They know your needs and turn them into results:
How does it work?

1. The Merchandiser, in addition to taking care of the visibility of your products, reports any OOS through a dedicated app and returns several photographs of the shelf to you.

2. Your sellers/representatives will receive real-time push alerts on any stock breakage so they can place the immediate order and drastically reduce the intervention time and safeguard the missed sale.

3. Contextually, trade marketing will be able to access a dashboard containing:
- assortment details
- photo galleries
- competitor presence

all within downloadable reports that can be integrated into their own systems.

Features and benefits
  • Always connected (headquarters & territory)
  • Smarthphone/tablet app availability
  • Real-time push notification
  • Dynamic analytics solution
  • Multifunctional analytical approach
  • Flexibility of search modes
  • Downloadable details (data & photos)
  • Geolocation pdv search mode
  • Tracking store data historicity
  • Data sharing potential
  • Data aggregated and searchable on PBI

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We know the points of sale better than anyone else.

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