Business Intelligence: the data at the center

We transform data into strategic information for your business.
Business Intelligence Insight

Your activities in the retail store create a massive amount of data; someone that knows the value and is able to transform this data into precious information for your marketing strategy is needed. DPV Group, thanks to the detail and depth of the data that we receive daily about 2.500 retail stores, is able to provide you a clear vision of the progress of your business, giving back to you a predictive analysis of the results and guiding you towards the best strategic choices

Our Business Intelligence

To strategically gather and analyze your data, we rely on Power BI, the analysis platform for the Microsoft business, integrated with popular software systems. Thanks to the Bitorchestra team, an Information Technology B2B society dedicated to the development of web platforms for the survey of data on the territory and Sales Force Automation, we are able to give you: 

  • Immediate and total vision of your business 
  • Measurement of the marketing campaign's results
  • Increase of the visibility on the cashflow, on the gross margins and on the operational expenditure
  • Acquisition of insights on potential clients to optimize the processes 
  • Monitoring the trends of behaviors, materials and suppliers' performance 
  • Forecast of the revenue and of transactions
  • Inter-company views
  • Detection of new models and new opportunities of profit 
The data at the center
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