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Mentoring, skills certification and safety are the tools behind our training model.
Training & Security
Skills certification, shadowing and safety are the tools behind our training model.
Our strategy for effective training.
Our numbers in the 2020-2022 triennium:
Our process: Training, Observation, Practice, Certification.

When it comes to training, here is the method we adopt to create excellence in our teams. And for it to be truly effective, the skills must be the result of an ongoing, measurable and certified process. We are so convinced of this that we developed our E-Learning platform.

  • Comprehensive training path monitoring: training path check through statistical analysis and push alerts
  • Resources skills, gamification & social learning: resource engagement through quizzes and social integration
  • Content import and sharing: PDF and PPTX files can be easily imported to become E-Learning materials
  • Integrated video conferencing: live training sessions can be scheduled through the Cisco Webex video conferencing tool
e-learning process

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