RedHab: strengthen your omnichannel strategy



Take advantage of the point of sale’s social channels to strengthen your digital strategy.

In a scenario that sees over 80% of customers connected on social networks and 72% of businesses that have at least an active social channel, the real opportunity for brands is to oversee the “digital window” in addition to the physical one.

DPV is able to support you in your omnichannel strategy, connecting the communication of your products on the social channels of all the stores where you are present.

Transform the followers of your points of sales in your segmented customers.

On average, a store has about 2.500 followers for each social channel, but it is not just about followers, but customers or potential customers. Moreover, consumers tend to follow mainly the commercial activities they trust, favoring those closest to their home and for which they show interest in promotional activities (especially discounts and launch of new products).

Thanks to the partnership with Redabissi, we are able to provide you with a Social Media Management platform that will allow you to create and manage communication plans divided by geographical area, gender, age and interests of your shoppers.

Increase in-store traffic, increase your visibility.

RedHab is a technological platform that offers a number of advantages for companies that want to increase traffic in stores, followers on social channels and interactions with their users. Thanks to this omnichannel solution, Brands can benefit from an increase of +11% of instore traffic, +15% of followers on social channels and +18% of interactions with users.

In addition, RedHab helps you achieve a +21% increase in the views of content published on social channels. The platform is easy to use and offers a number of features and tools to achieve these results: create targeted marketing campaigns on social media, monitor the results of your campaigns in real time and optimize your strategies based on the data collected.

Increase your sales by using social media at points of sale to get in touch with your target, in a highly targeted way and synchronized with your promotional campaigns. Want to find out how?

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The numbers of the platform

Redhab has reached a total of 10.500 pages managed (a total of over 15 million followers); there were over 58 million impressions and 2 million interactions generated by more than 200.000 posts posted on Facebook and over 85.000 on Instagram.