DPV Group

Per un futuro più equo.

Per un mondo migliore.

Per le prossime generazioni.

We grow and with us also grows the dedication to a fairer and more inclusive future.

Changing course, renewing but remaining ourselves, maintaining the values, the ethics and the spirit of the beginnings. Our vision goes hand in hand with our heart. Ideals that are the basis of our identity and that we have always tried to cultivate because we are convinced that it’s trough them that we can make a difference.

This is why, even in such a complex year, we decided to keep the focus on people in need, continuing to promote social projects in 2021 and to support the development of valuable initiatives. In order to ensure the maximum effectiveness of our dedication, we have chosen to focus on two realities, so that we can make the energies dedicated to these beneficial purposes even more efficient. So this year our choice has fallen on Kids’ Dream and APF Foundation.

Two different associations in soul and logic, but both with the common desire to make the world a better and fairer place for adults and children. A place to live in connection with each other, practicing empathy and without looking away from the problems that afflict near and far. A home where you can grow up safely, where you can train and realize your dreams, for a future of equality, respect and humanity. Thanks to this brief premise you can understand the common thread that intrinsically unites Kids’ Dream and APF Foundation, two realities that we now want to try to tell you about.

APF Foundation

It has been an important year for the Foundation. Although school and training activities were interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, work continued on the VillaLab project, which saw the light on October 2 with the reopening of the Santa Ninfa’s Municipal Villa. Efforts for the new year will again focus on activities aimed at young people, through initiatives to be carried out inside the Villa and the preparation of new educational workshops designed for schools. Visit the VillaLab website to discover the project.

Kids’ Dream

Kids' Dream Association continues to take care of Kenyan children in more difficult conditions, providing them the means to make their dreams come true. The non-profit organization's efforts have focused on the Nairobi Orphanage, providing ongoing support for nutrition, hygiene and education. The goal for the New Year is to expand the facility, establish an on-site school and promote regular medical checkups that provide children with proper health care. Go to the Kids' Dream website to follow the association's projects.